Meet the Women of Greater New Mt. Moriah at Granite City in Troy, Michigan! Proceeds from your bill 1st Sunday of each month: Holy Communion 4th Sunday of each month: Baptism/Right Hand of Fellowship 5th Sunday of each month: Mission Sunday 3rd Sunday of October: Women’s Day

Contact Info

Greater New Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church
586 Owen (Between Brush and Oakland St.)
Detroit, Michigan 48202

Phone: (313) 871-8025
Fax: (313) 871-7039

All Website Submissions: TheMountDetroit(at)

Pastor Flowers:revkjflowers(at) 

Church Office: gmoriahbc(at)

Church Clerk: gnmchurchclerk(at)

Prayer Requests: gmnprayerrequests(at)">Contact Here

Credit Union: creditunion(at)

Music Ministry: musicdept(at)

Mission Ministry: mission(at)

Transportation Ministry: transportation(at)

Security Ministry: securityministry(at)

Sound Ministry: soundministry(at)

Trustee Ministry: trustee(at)

Youth Ministry: Champion4christ(at)

Banquet/Conference Center: conferencecenter(at)