Meet the Women of Greater New Mt. Moriah at Granite City in Troy, Michigan! Proceeds from your bill 1st Sunday of each month: Holy Communion 4th Sunday of each month: Baptism/Right Hand of Fellowship 5th Sunday of each month: Mission Sunday 3rd Sunday of October: Women’s Day

Our Staff

Church Secretary
Retha Williams

Church Clerk
Gwendolyn Hatchett

Chair of Trustees
Johnnie Jackson

Co-Chair of Trustees
Dr. James McMurtry

Chair of Deacons
Harry Mont

Co-Chair of Deacons
Lorenzo Cook

Director of Youth Ministry
Kierra Flowers

Director of Children’s Ministry
Yvette Cain

Sunday School Superintendent
Deacon Viola Lewis

President, Department of Mission
Reverend Delores Christmas

Non-Auxillary Coordinator
Deacon Shana Johnson-Norfolk

Banquet/Conference Center
Sandra Sloan

Director of Security
Maria Taylor